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Heuristics Evaluation

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What sets LA Fitness apart is its wide range of services available to members.

So we set out to improve members' access to these services, we created a user friendly experience for members to book 1-1 appointments with a personal trainer at any of their 500 + franchises across North America.

User Control

And Freedom

Recognition rather

than recall

Match Between System

And Real World

Help And


Error Prevention

The following heuristics presented the most concern:

We’ll have “Before” and “After” comparisons of what currently exists in the LA Fitness app, and our proposed changes. We find that these changes are important because we believe that a more engaged user is more likely to remain loyal to the brand, and with these minimal tweaks, we believe that can easily be accomplished at LA Fitness.

Heuristic Evaluation:

Proposed Redesign:

Current Design

Proposed Redesign

Confirm Appointment

Unclear label

on button

Renamed label

on button

Heuristic Evaluation:

Once the appointment is booked, a thank you screen presents important information such as the time and trainer assigned, but it fails to mention the location.

Proposed Redesign:

The location of the studio has been added to the thank you page, as well as a Google Maps link to provide the user with directions. This extra bit of information provides the final details of the booking in addition to the time/ trainer that is already listed.

Current Design

Proposed Redesign



Thank you!

Your appointment has been scheduled with Manmeet K. on 06/17/2023 at 09:00 AM.

How to get there

BRAMPTON NW (Premier Plus)



(905) 454-1991

Get Directions

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and are dedicated to making your working experience an exceptional one.

Please wear comfortable clothing. Workout attire is preferred.

Thank you for scheduling a complimentary Pro Results Personal Training Assessment!

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No location

details available

Location details

and directions

added to page

Heuristic Evaluation:

The auto assigned location when creating a booking does not match the user’s gym history or their nearest location.

Current Design

No indication

of unavailable

dates/ times

Selected studio

does not match

user’s gym history

or nearest location



don’t match

user’s gym


Step 1

Step 2

Proposed Redesign

Pre-assigned location

removed from

selected studio tile

“Recently Visited”

and “Fitness Studios

Near You” sections

added to the page

Proposed Redesign:

Remove the pre-assigned location from the selected studio tile as it doesn’t refer to the user’s history or location. In addition to the existing “search by zip code” feature, we’ve added a “recently visited” and “fitness studios near you” section when selecting a studio.

Step 1

Step 2

Heuristic Evaluation:

After creating a reservation, the user is unable to view/ modify their reservation.

Proposed Redesign:

Add in a task flow to view/ modify existing reservations booked by the user. This will allow users the ability to review and adjust their booking according to their liking.

There is no ability to view/

modify the reservation

after it has been booked

Current Design

Key Takeaway!

Through our Heuristic Evaluation, we found that LA Fitness’s app can have quite a bit of value added for the user with very minimal design changes!

Our team of UX Designers is committed to the experience of users and their wellness, just as LA Fitness is committed to the physical and mental wellness of their members.